Eligibility Guidelines

    The organisers of the McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge recognise that no set of criteria can apply to every circumstance and therefore reserve the right to determine eligibility or to disqualify any individual/ team that it determines to be in violation of the spirit of the competition. Similarly, applicants who feel they fit the spirit of the competition, but may be in minor violation of the eligibility criteria, may submit a petition to info@tenghana.org for a decision to be made by the organizers.

    Applicants are encouraged, but not required, to work in teams instead of working alone to develop their ideas. For best results, team members should have complementary skills and a wide range of backgrounds. Competing teams should consist of no more than 5.

    The applicant must have a minimum of 51% ownership in the venture and must have played a major role in creating the venture. The executive summary submitted must be original work done by the applicant.

    The applicant must control a minimum of 51% of the venture’s voting rights. The McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge organizers recommend maintaining this control for at least 2 years beyond the date of the competition.