Nature OF Venture


Businesses from across all sectors are welcomed.

By submitting a Business Model (“the Model”) to the McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge each Contestant listed below agrees to the following conditions:

  • Originality of Model – The ideas and concepts set forth in the Model are the original work of the Contestants, and no Contestant is under any agreement or restrictions that prohibit or restrict his or her ability to disclose or submit such ideas or concepts to the Competition.

  • Compliance with the Eligibility Guidelines of the Competition – Each Contestant has reviewed the Eligibility Guidelines (“Guidelines”) and by submitting his or her application, certifies that this entry and the team or individual it represents complies with the Guidelines and agrees to abide by the Guidelines. Each Contestant also certifies that the venture had no substantial revenues and raised no outside equity capital prior to the current academic year.

  • Waivers and Releases – Each Contestant understands that the McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge organising committee, any co-sponsors, judges, mentors, co-organisers (“Competition Officials”) and its directors, officers, partners, employees, consultants, and agents (collectively “Organizer Representatives”) are volunteers and are under no obligation to render any advice or service to any Contestant. The views expressed by the judges, co-sponsors, co-organisers, and the Organiser Representatives are their own and not those of the McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge organising committee or any other person or entity.

  • Each Contestant also understands and agrees that although the Competition Officials have taken and will take the steps described in the Guidelines regarding confidentiality of the ideas and models submitted by the Contestants, the legal protection of the ideas and the Models submitted by the Contestants to the Competition is otherwise the sole responsibility of the Contestant. In consideration of the time, expertise, and other resources provided by the Competition Officials and Organiser Representatives to the Competition, each Contestant hereby voluntarily releases each Competition Official and each Organizer Representative from any further liabilities, responsibilities, and accountabilities relating to or arising out of such Competition Officials or Organizer Representative’s participation in the Competition.