Guideline for Scoring

  • Significance of the Idea/concept:

    This criteria would be used to assess the likelihood of the idea or concept advancing or having substantial impact on society/humanity;

    1. Impact:
      Are the objectives of the project clearly defined and precisely stated? Does it focus on solving society issues? Does it address district, regional or national agenda?  (15 marks)

    2. Continuation and scope:
      does the project go beyond the contest? Are there plans to advance the project in the future, even encouraging other researchers and entrepreneurs to join or improve it? Do you have clear plans of supporting the project by itself?   (15 marks)

    3. Innovation:
      Does the project reflect critical thinking? Does this project reflect a new approach other than the ones we know already?   (20 marks)

    4. Results:
      Does the project clearly outline the expected results and products? How unique will the expected results be? Will the project lead to improvement and quality in society?  (15 marks)

  • Budget and Cost Effectiveness:

    Extent to which the total budget adequately supports the project and is cost-effective;

    1. Budget:
      Is the money you are requesting reasonable and justifiable? Will the money be enough to carry out the project?   (10 marks)

    2. Cost Effectiveness:
      Does the project demonstrate creative use of limited resources?   (10 marks)

  • Overall quality of the project: How well does the project comply with the rules of the contest and how well has the project been edited and ensuring clarity?  (15 marks)

    Three contestants will make it to the Grand Finale where they would have an interaction with the Jury. The grand finale would involve a question and answer session. The jury reserve the rights to vote on the Winner of the Contest and the runners up.

    Each contestant is requested to prepare a 5 to 8 minute presentation. Please make sure to follow the scoring criteria to increase your chances of advancing into the final stage.